Unnamed Modern Fantasy Scifi RPG thing

So, I’ve been playing around with DnD 5e stuff and it’s made me come up with a new world/campaign/adventure thing. Not sure how much I’ll work on this or where it’s going but here’s what I have so far:

Time: Current Era (AU Earth set in the current time)

Town: Wisteria

Location: Midwest, USA

Description: Small town with one main road. Along one side is the municipal building, a religious center ((open to all human and supernatural religions) and the only school in 100 miles. On the other side of the road is the only gas station/grocery store (carries all the things- tools, clothing, food, etc.) in town, The Whisty Inn (hotel/restaurant/community center),  a small park/gathering area, and a trailer park (15 trailers – 4 currently empty) on the other side of the park.

There are 10 houses a bit further down from the main area of town and various farms and properties that are further out but considered a part of Wisteria.

Population: 100 –  both humans and supernatural beings

Governing body: TBD



– The Whisty Inn is open 24/7 as it’s staffed by both humans and supernatural beings. It is an L-shaped, three-story building. The first floor is where the restaurant, community center, inn check-in area, and storage/utility rooms are located (there is no basement or attic) . The second floor is where there guest rooms are located, and the third floor is where the personal room for the staff and owner are located. Behind the inn is a small industrial trash bin and some wooden palates not being used currently.

– The small park consists of some picnic tables under a wooden canopy with cement flooring, a few grills, and a playground area for younger children.

– The religious center is run by a ghost of a monk that refuses to let go of the Earth plane. The monk (name TBD) believes that everyone should have a place to worship and so long as worshipers are respectful toward each other and don’t argue with each other, he allows all to beings to use the building. The city maintains the premises with a grant from an unnamed patron.

And, that’s all I have right now. What’d ya think?


Valinor and death

“In that guarded land the Valar gathered great store of light and all the fairest things that were saved from ruin; and many others yet fairer they made anew, and Valinor became more beautiful even than Middle-earth in the Spring of Arda; and it was blessed, for the Deathless dwelt there, and there naught faded nor withered, neither was there any stain upon flower or leaf in that land, nor any corruption or sickness in anything that lived; for the very stones and waters were hallowed.” – The Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien.

So, how is it that Bilbo, Frodo, Sam, and Gimli die in Valinor if the Deathless lives there?

If nothing faded or withered than how could they die? I mean this says there was no corruption or sickness yet the hobbits and Gimli (doesn’t that sound like a band? “The Hobbits and Gimli”, I mean.) apparently get there and then die?

Yeah, I never got it either.




secret world legend screen capture

The black sun in the City of the Sun God


I finally made it to the City of the Sun God.

All I can think about is the sacrifice Ptahmose and his children made to keep the world safe.

I don’t think I’d have any problem giving up myself to save the world.

But, would I be able to ask my children, some of whom are literal children, to give up their lives to spend eternity as guardians of such a hellish place?

Would I be able to forgive myself if I did?


In on the secret

So, I’m getting a bit bored with Warcraft.

I go thru these phases though so, until it’s closer till BfA being released, I’m gonna play Secret World Legends.

Meet Hinny!

Templar novice. Filth fighter. Justice maker. Bee warrior.

Templar novice. Filth fighter. Justice maker. Bee warrior.

She’s been fun to play. I’m learning how to be a healer as I’ve never tried it in this game. Not sure how I’ll do but wish me luck!

She’s a warlock and a Templar (always a Templar for me!) and she has a crush on Richard Sonnac (who doesn’t?)!

What I know

I never heard of a school shooting when I was growing up in the 1980s.

I never had to be scared I’d die when I went to kindergarten.

I never had “gun drills” at 15 years old.

I am scared for our children as our Congress doesn’t seem to give a damn how many of them die in our school, on our streets, in their homes.

I am tired of hearing about children killing each other with guns.

I grew up in a house with guns and NEVER had the urge to use them on another person, even with my depression and bullying and self-esteem issues and EVERYTHING that made me relate more to the poor children with the guns than the ones without.

I am afraid for my children, my neighbor’s children, my country’s children.

I have never hated my own government more than I do right now.

I am crying as I write this and think about all the poor babies that have gone to school and never came home. Never had a life, a family, dreams fullfilled, dreams not fullfilled, learned about life, or learned their parents and family as adults.

I’m crying for the parents who will never get to see their five-year old, 12 year-old, or 18 year-old live and learn and have families of their own.

I am crying because I know we can solve this but our government cares more about money from the NRA and keeping their political seat than they do about a child’s life.

I’m crying because I have little hope for this country.



So on the WoW forum there was this post asking if anyone used the warcraft random name generator for their alts.

I do. It may take me awhile to find one I like, but many of my alts are named thru the generator.

Like, my main, Seashell, it was actually a name from the game and I love it! It fits my shame dwarrow perfectly!

Does anyone else use the generator?

Legion update

Finally got my Void Elves and Highmountain Tauren unlocked! Nearly got my Lightforged Draenei too!

Here’s my Void Elf Priestess, Pyrelynia.

void elf screenshot from world of warcraft

I love the options for Void Elves!


She’s a Disc spec as I already have a Shadow priestess alt and want to see what leveling as Disc is like.

Also, all the customization options for the new allied races, especially the Void Elves! I wish I could use their hair for my other non-allied race alts!