For many years I’ve been a player of the fabulous World of Warcraft MMO.

I’ve been enjoying the Legion expansion and am excited for Battle for Azeroth.

I’m currently leveling one of their latest allied races, Jesardre the Nightbourne elf.


I think she’s lovely and she’s the first warrior I’m trying to level. It’s been weird because I’m used to DPS alts and they seem to deal damage a lot more quickly.



2 thoughts on “Warcraft

  1. Haven’t managed to get an allied race unlocked yet, but I am hyped for the Highmountain Tauren! By the way, warriors are the best. 😉


  2. Hey Luthany, just got your blog suggested in the WordPress Reader 🙂 Your Nightborne does look lovely. I haven’t really seen the player version up close before. I never levelled a Warrior either, but it is on my Want-to-do list! Have fun 🙂


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