Legion update

Finally got my Void Elves and Highmountain Tauren unlocked! Nearly got my Lightforged Draenei too!

Here’s my Void Elf Priestess, Pyrelynia.

void elf screenshot from world of warcraft

I love the options for Void Elves!


She’s a Disc spec as I already have a Shadow priestess alt and want to see what leveling as Disc is like.

Also, all the customization options for the new allied races, especially the Void Elves! I wish I could use their hair for my other non-allied race alts!


One thought on “Legion update

  1. Oh, that would be nice, with the customization that way. It is somewhat odd too; I mean, why can the barbershop make one kind of hair for one race, but not for the rest?! You’d think they had learned it by now.

    That is one gorgeous screen behind the Void Elf!


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