secret world legend screen capture

The black sun in the City of the Sun God


I finally made it to the City of the Sun God.

All I can think about is the sacrifice Ptahmose and his children made to keep the world safe.

I don’t think I’d have any problem giving up myself to save the world.

But, would I be able to ask my children, some of whom are literal children, to give up their lives to spend eternity as guardians of such a hellish place?

Would I be able to forgive myself if I did?


In on the secret

So, I’m getting a bit bored with Warcraft.

I go thru these phases though so, until it’s closer till BfA being released, I’m gonna play Secret World Legends.

Meet Hinny!

Templar novice. Filth fighter. Justice maker. Bee warrior.

Templar novice. Filth fighter. Justice maker. Bee warrior.

She’s been fun to play. I’m learning how to be a healer as I’ve never tried it in this game. Not sure how I’ll do but wish me luck!

She’s a warlock and a Templar (always a Templar for me!) and she has a crush on Richard Sonnac (who doesn’t?)!


So on the WoW forum there was this post asking if anyone used the warcraft random name generator for their alts.

I do. It may take me awhile to find one I like, but many of my alts are named thru the generator.

Like, my main, Seashell, it was actually a name from the game and I love it! It fits my shame dwarrow perfectly!

Does anyone else use the generator?

Legion update

Finally got my Void Elves and Highmountain Tauren unlocked! Nearly got my Lightforged Draenei too!

Here’s my Void Elf Priestess, Pyrelynia.

void elf screenshot from world of warcraft

I love the options for Void Elves!


She’s a Disc spec as I already have a Shadow priestess alt and want to see what leveling as Disc is like.

Also, all the customization options for the new allied races, especially the Void Elves! I wish I could use their hair for my other non-allied race alts!



For many years I’ve been a player of the fabulous World of Warcraft MMO.

I’ve been enjoying the Legion expansion and am excited for Battle for Azeroth.

I’m currently leveling one of their latest allied races, Jesardre the Nightbourne elf.


I think she’s lovely and she’s the first warrior I’m trying to level. It’s been weird because I’m used to DPS alts and they seem to deal damage a lot more quickly.